Whats the difference between HW 2.6 & 2.7B?

And is there a schematic for 2.7B available?

Which DSO Quad do you use ?

I just bought one less than a week ago, model DS203.
It says 2.6 on the start up screen but that is dependent on the software not the hardware.
So I’m wondering what I have and what the differences are between the 2.6 and 2.7B hardware.

78 views and no one knows the difference between the two hardware versions?

Read somewhere here that the Aluminum-case version has a different PCB. Maybe that is v 2.7

I have the Aluminium version. Still would like to know what the differences are.


I asked exactly the same question here 3 months ago and got no answer…

I have a plastic DSO203 I bought in December 2011 and the seller told me it has 2.7B.