What switch ?


I purchased DSO Quad from seeedstudio. I am designing a embedded application which is battery powered. For my embedded application I want to use a switch used in DSO Quad for navigation. Please mention the part number of the navigation switch (push pull type) used in DSO Quad. Also provide me the datasheet of the switch.

If they still use the same switch as in the first models, it is terrible. Mine was bad to begin with and now it doesn’t make reliable contact anymore.

No, I have the latest DSO Quad Black. It has two navigation switches and they are awesome. Each switch has three functions as below.

Pull right - Function 1
Pull Left Function 2
Middle Push (press) - Function 3

I am making a small product which is smaller than a cigarette pack. My device needs three buttons and so I want to use this switch which can act as three switches. This will make my product look more neater.

This should get you started

in.element14.com/multicomp/mcpl3 … dp/1316992

Yes, Thank you. That was the kind of switch I am looking for.