What projects are you working on with RePhone?

Hello, my name is Agam Shah, I am a news reporter for the IDG News Service. I am writing a story about the RePhone kit.

I’d love to speak to people on what they are making with RePhone. Feel free to write to message me here, and I will write back to you. The system is allowing me to post my email.

Hi Agam,

It is early days for me with the RePhone platform but I am working on a couple of projects. Probably the most interesting (well for me :slight_smile: ) is a geofencing module that sends SMS alerts if it GPS location changes within a set amount. Can be used as a simple tracking device for things you expect not to move, like your car when it’s parked.


I and several others are planning on retrofitting an old rotary phone with the RePhone.

Something like : http://www.instructables.com/id/Low-tech-Rotary-Phone-made-wireless/?ALLSTEPS

Check this forum for other references. I’m currently stuck on how to hook up the microphone of the headset, but will probably figure it out in the next week or so.

Also, I want to do something close to the dog collar in UP (the movie) with me on the other end and a small webcam on my dog so I can see the person approaching.

Squirrel scenes from UP!

Charlie in Houston

Hi Agam,

At this time I’m working at a 21st pager.
More precisely, a small device which has Xadow GSM+BLE (Rephone core), Xadow GPS, an OLED display and some sensors

I’m building a monitoring device for a small solar installation. We had problems with animals gnawing on the cables and the rephone kit will be used to send the weekly totals to a phone number via SMS.