What parts do I need?

I already have some Philippis Hue light bulbs and I would like to start monitoring tank water levels, all locally (no cloud/remote/internet). Home Assistant Green looks like it would be a good part to start with for consolidating sensor readings and controlling lights. Industrial-Grade-Liquid-Level-Sensor-p-4619 - Seeed Studio looks like what I need for a water level sensor, and https://www.seeedstudio.com/SenseCAP-Indicator-D1-p-5643.html appears to be a solution for having access to sensor readings and light controls from arbitrary locations within my WiFi network.

The problem is that I’m not sure what all additional parts I need to connect all of this together. I’m guessing Home Assistant and the SenseCAP Indicator can communicate with each other over my home WiFi network, but I’m not sure what I need to get the Liquid Level Sensor serving data to Home Assistant Green.

The water tanks being monitored are within WiFi range, and while I could run an ethernet cable to them I would prefer if they communicated wirelessly as there are several tanks and they aren’t all next to each other.

What parts do I need in addition to a Liquid Level Sensor to get its data to show up in Home Assistant Green?

Are any other parts necessary to get Home Assistant Green communicating with Philips Hue bulbs and/or SenseCAP Indicator besides a home wireless network?

you may consider experimenting with this device before moving to more expensive sensor, depending on your application

Thanks for the tip! The sensors would be inside water tanks (some soft water, some hard water), and I would worry about that device corroding over time. The idea of detecting water level by ultrasonic distance measurement is certainly clever (I’m assuming it can “see” water just fine?) but in this particular application I care a lot about resilience/robustness.