What is your suggestion to seeedstudio?

what is your suggestion to seeedstudio? Everyone can reply this post and leave therir suggestion to this Rainbowduino contest or our studio.
Any reply will be much appreciated .


My suggestion is that you keep up the great work!

Can’t wait for my 4 EasyDrivers to arrive, $2.50 cheaper a piece than sparkfun!

hmmm, a real suggestion, hold a sale so I can afford to buy even more.

Thanks jtbarclay!

We will surely keep our product in-stock and with low prices.

I really like the designs on your latest series of Arduino boards. Great features, great quality, great prices. Keep up the creative designs.

I have two suggestions:

  1. How about a proto-shield for the new mega board that would match up with the added connectors?

  2. Anyway you can look into the 3.3vdc regulator problems some of us have noticed when using the
    3.3/5 switch in the 3.3v position? It’s posted in the tech section.



Hey Guys,

I do have a suggestion for you, though you may have already done it :slight_smile:.

THe Rainbowduino, can you include code so we can access each “pixel” from another arduino. Once that’s possible we can really start going to town on the Rainbow :wink:


One project I’ve been working on (sadly I’ve been so busy I’ve not had the time), is to RF enable the Raindbow based off my HyperCom code. Wirelessly displaying all kinds of funky stuff would look great and opens up a LOT of ideas.

Rainbowduino chandelier?

I’ve actually re-written the firmware to do just that. I’ll be submitting it as my project for the contest (in addition/inclusion of my actual project). If you’re really desperate, I’m sure we could work out something before I make my post.

Something to keep in mind: even with the 400kHz I2C hack, and my modified (reduced delay) firmware sending full RGB data is a lot of data for the I2C bus. Then again, it’s a lot of data for regular serial. It’s a lot of data. My 2x3 display can be maxed out with intricate animations that require a lot of master compute time.