What is the unit of measure of Grove Light Sensor v1.2?

I bought a “Grove Light Sensor v1.2” and I’m reading it’s output as “analogRead(PIN)” with ESP32S2-DevKitC on Arduino.

It returns “1329” if I print that value, but what is the unit of measure? If I measure lux value with a smartphone, I get about 30 lux.
I don’t understand how to get the lux value from “1329”.


Hello, the values of this light sensor are as you say, analogue values. This analogue value varies according to the light intensity and is essentially the change in resistance of the internal photoresistor. The stronger the light, the higher the value. It is not normally used as a quantitative measure of light intensity.

Oh ok, understood.

Which sensor do you suggest to read lux value with Arduino?


You can refer here to shop around.

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