What is the quiescent current draw at 3.6V for the Seeeduino XIAO?

I’m interested to run a sensor project from coin cells. Can someone give me an idea of the quiescent current draw of the Seeeduino XIAO at 3.3-3.6V? Thanks.

I have read somewhere that it is around 60 milliamps
A coin cell like CR 2032 only has about 240 milliamps

SOLVED - One must use version 1.0.0 of the “Seeed nRF52 Boards” in the Arduino IDE. Now I’m running closer to 30 microamps when performing lots of ADC functions powered from an LIR1632 battery. I’m good with that for now.

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Fantastic. I guess you removed the powerled then.
Were you able to find interesting doc on the Net specific to the Seeeduino Xiao in order to reduce milli-amps consumption and go down to micro-amps ? I am having a hard time to, all I find is the sleepydog methodology.