What is the maximum power used by the Wio Terminal when connected to the Battery Chassis?

I’m trying to find out how much boosted 5V battery power is available for a peripheral if the Wio Terminal is running it’s display and microcontroller.

The Battery Chassis can produce ~2.4A according to the ETA9740 datasheet.

How much is left over after powering Wio Terminal?


Hi @hampden

The Wio terminal draws around 120mA with the monitor and microcontroller running, at which point the peripheral 5V battery’s boost power is around 89%.

The current consumption of the battery chassis itself is very small, not more than 300uA in standby state, but since we are using a 650mAh battery, the output voltage of the battery itself is 3.7V, the maximum discharge current is 650mA, after boosting to 5V, the maximum current for the Wio terminal can be about 420mA.

It should be noted that the battery board cannot output 2.4A current when using our matching battery, which is the limitation of the matching battery itself.

Thanks very much for the fast response. This is helpful.