What is the latest OFFICIAL firmware??

Hi all, I just received my DSO Nano 201 v3 today and was curious to know what is the latest/best version of firmware currently available for the device? Currently my device has LIB of 2.27 and APP version of 2.63. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

[size=150]Hi there if it’s anything like mine you cant upgrade it, and I had to reinstall the original program to get it working again, but having said that if you can make it work think it’s benf version 3.62, there are a lot of U tube clips…Fred, Essex UK.[/size]

I actually found the latest which is 4.22. I am attaching it to my own thread for posterity;-) This is for v3’s that have the 3.22a DFU.
201V4_22.zip (37.9 KB)

is the 4.2 version of firmware just for the later v3 as its a hex file. is it any different to the 3.6 dfu version.

I am not sure. I know my v3 has DFU version 3.22a. I loaded the file and all is working fine.

Hi There think it is 4.22 off Chinese website, see my other messages on here G4VVQ

Best Wishes Fred UK.