What if my PCB size is less than 5cmx5cm

I have a PCB that is about 2.5cmx2.5cm.
Seeed’s service is for 5cmx5cm board.

So can i copy my design 4 times in eagle-cad and submit that as one design to Seeed?

I assuming that seed determines panelization by the ‘dimension’ layer in eagle-cad.

But if my dimension layer is for 5cmx5cm but within it i fit in all my pcb designs, will it matter to Seeed?

I do know that i’ll have to cut the PCB’s myself.


ok, but the factory rules that the quantity of the panelizing not more than 5, and the total size not more than 15x20cm.

I recently did a 5x5 cm board with 15 panelized tiny boards on it without any issues from Seeedstudio.

Of course I had to cut them up myself, but that’s really not a problem if you use 0.8mm instead of the 1.6mm pcb thickness.


Neat!!. That is exactly what i was looking for!! And thanks for the PCB thickness tip!

Wait – I thought they were supposed to be “single design, no panels.” Is it not panelized if it’s not scored or cut out? Or is this more of a suggestion than a hard-and-fast requirement?

Apparently it’s more of a suggestion. These are answers I got from the Seeed staff previously:

You can panelize to save the cost, but you need to cut the board by yourself.

2. The fusion pcb service does not accept the panelized pcb board, except those sever designs seperated by SILK on one pcb , such that you need to cut the board by yourself. Guess that is Liao's mean.

For the others questions, see my answers below:

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    No problem.