What happens if you put Nano across the Mains power suppy ??

[size=150]Hi Everyone I have always been curious, has anyone ever tried putting a DSO 201 Nano across the power supply 240 volts AC, I mean to see 50 hz on the mains supply, that is the UK system, my nano has x 10 and also a prob that also has x 10, so I would think it might handle it, would it work or would it blow up and melt, maybe smoke,i am just curious that was all, not brave enough to try it…Fred in England.[/size]

I remember some post a few years ago, he blew his nano up. He was measuring a three phase system if I recall right. He had placed the nano on a earthed surface. And probably the - cable to the battery does not insulate good enough for the mains voltage so it shorted. So the nano ground probe has direct contact with the rest of the nano’s - side. So it is not a god practice to try this unless you really know what you do.