What? Combined forums? Seriously?

What the hell were Seeed thinking by combining the DSO Quad and DSO Nano forums?

With Seeed accidentally losing messages, moving around forums, no RSS-feed, having to login again every time etc., I’m seriously thinking whether we should move to e.g. Google Groups for discussing DSO Quad / Nano firmware development. Any thoughts?

We will rewind that!!

we try to re-organize the forum to make it more clear and easy to tracking, but as lack of experence on forum managing, we mergered the DSO Quad and DSO Nano into “DSO Serials” without notifying users. this may lead to some communiate confusions. :angry:
have rewinded the DSO Quad and DSO Nano forums plate.

Wow, now I’m actually positively surprised :slight_smile:

A RSS-feed would still be nice :slight_smile:

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