What are the LED bulb specs for Grove LED?

hi there, I got this Grove LED Grove - Red LED - Seeed Wiki but I lost the bulb

Can you tell me the specs so I can buy an standard white bulb to plug it?

Thanks in advance

Hello, the working voltage in 3V or so LED should be suitable

If you replace the RED LED with a White one, the LED will glow. But you may not get the maximum brightness. Because the current limiting resistor value is usually different for Red and White. Rather, you can design a different board featuring a white LED. Like this: APA102 SPI LED Breakout Board - Share Project - PCBWay

Thanks! but how do I place the bulb? in which direction? is the smaller part near the + sign ? and is the yellow screw for adjusting the brightness?

please someone help I get no sign in the grove base pi

The long pin of the bulb corresponds to “+”, the short pin corresponds to “-”, if your bulb can not determine the length of the pin, you can use a multimeter to test the positive and negative polarity. You said the yellow screw can adjust the brightness of the bulb