Welcome to the RePhone Community!

Hi guys,

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Big welcome to the RePhone Community!

I believe that we’ve be gathered here for one reason, the RePhone Kit.

As an open source modular phone kit, RePhone has been developed by Seeed to changes the way we put our phone into use, it provides a new form of phone customization, and the easiest solution to wearable/IoT development.

In the RePhone Community, you are free to talk about any things about RePhone, ask us any technical questions, and give us any feedback on the product development.

We also very encourage you to share your brilliant ideas about creating practical, functional, or even fancy products with RePhone. If you realize your ideas with Seeed’s RePhone Kit and build up some awesome prototype, then we can provide manufacturing services to help you complete small batch production from up to 10K pieces. What’s more, our strong supply chain management can also turn your RePhone project into a mass manufactured phenomenon. For more information visit seeedstudio.com/propagate/

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Can I program a re-phone in a Mac OSX environment?

Hi antoniokly ,

Currently most of the IDE only supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, we are still working on it to make it work at Mac OSX and Linux

Do you have an estimated date for when Mac tools may be available?

It’s hard to tell as currently we are still focusing on shipping RePhone Kits to our Kickstarter backers and the development of 3G module. We’ll let you know once there is some clue.

Thanks Chao. As one of your Kickstarter backers, it would be great to be able to use the kit from my Mac.


My RePhone Geo Kit just arrived. Cannot wait to use it, but on my mac it’s not working. Can the community help in anyway to create the drivers? Are there updates on this front?

This lack of Mac support is a big disappointment for me too - I assumed in these days of cross-platform Java IDE’s and built-in FDTI drivers this sort of thing was a problem from the past !
Not seeing a lot of support from MediaTek for mac, doesn’t look good…

Hey ho, welcome all to RePhone :slight_smile: i hope it come for Linux. Thats my favorite.


My Xadow/Rephone Core GSM+BLE has just arrived.

I plugged a micro USB cable and connected board to my Windows PC and I see that Windows recognizes a new peripheral but after a couple of seconds boards reboots and whole “loop” restarts from beginning, in a never-ending loop.

Maybe board cannot be powered through USB port?



As I only have Macs, Ubuntu and Windows 10 at home it would be great to have support for those OS. There is not last version of any OS in your list…



Just USB power is not enough - a battery is a must :confused:
You should attach a lipo battery first to make it work.