Welcome to Recipe Forum!

Dear All,

This isn’t yet another forum for the product support of our web site, but rather a way of communication between you and the “Recipe” product team. We welcome thoughts, problems, improving ideas for making the “Recipe” project better.

Makers get to know each other by sharing their creative ideas and cool works. We believe that the maker culture is global. Those who are inside or outside China, all share the same kind of joy when making things. Thus we started this “Recipe” project, so people can upload and share their works, discuss with people, learn the knowledge that we’re interested and build things together. It could be a bridge that connects makers inside China and all over the world.

Recipe is firstly a tutorial that tells people how to make one thing, secondly a replicating process of interesting and valuable things, and thirdly, a piece of work that connects the people who share the same experience.

We started from only a very small team. So the “Recipe” project is far from perfect. We’ll have a lot of bugs and problems, and we also need people to tell us what makes it better. I hope this process make us friends, and understand each other deeper too.

We will try our best to make this project amazing. Thank you for your enthusiasm and tolerance!

Terry Ouyang
Director of Recipe Team