Web Platform Assembled

It looks like no more “Web Platform Assembled” are going to be produced … see: dangerousprototypes.com/2010/05/ … available/ … perhaps if there were enough people interested they might make some more … or can we buy just the PCB? Can anyone suggest something similar (been looking at WEB Server In A Box from Silicon Chip Magazine - sold by Jaycar as a kit at about twice the cost) ??? I am most interested in controlling things from the web (turn on / off, program things to go on off at specific time or on a schedule, send / receive to/from an RS232 port, measure humidity, temperature, etc) … this seemed like a perfect platform, small and inexpensive with pretty good capabilities on the PIC chip. Anyone have any suggestions for other/similar boards?

Latest news is we are working on a new batch and they are open to back order now. Maybe Ian will update about it too. Thanks for the inputs!

Finally I have make order for 4 pcs web Platform. but i am confuse about static ip assign. Can Ian help me with a video tutorial.


The software is using the free Microchip TCP/IP library. Download it from the Microchip website and read the help files. If you are still confused, consult the Microchip web forums.

Thanks oztrev.

I was looking for Expert. here is my simulation. matrixelc.com/services.html but i didnt try with this hw. thats why.