We prepare the $700 Seeed Coupon to celebrate various projects each month!

We prepare the $700 Coupon to celebrate various projects in the community each month!

  1. Our team browses Seeed’s Hackster platform hub each month and chooses the top four favorite projects and posts them on LinkedIn. Four favorite projects can get $100.
  2. After voting, the final winner can get another $200.
  3. Two voters have a chance to get $50.

You can vote for our project of the month for July now by checking out their LinkedIn poll.

For first-hand information on arrivals, you can also opt-in to our discord community. we’re having a community on Discord, for your technical inquires, please join us for a 24/7/365 making, sharing, and helping each other out: https://discord.com/invite/QqMgVwHT3X