Waves triangular and teeth of saw with DSO Nano V2.

Sorry I speak French and I use a translator.

Is this possible to obtain waves triangular ans teeth of saw with the DSO Nano V2.

If so, then how.

If you have a small simple electronic assembly like example.

Thank you!

I succeeded in obtaining a triangular wave by connecting together the probes to be measured and the probes of the generator of square wave of Nano. By modifying the frequency (FR) in the menu with 500khz, 1us/div and 2v/div, one obtains a beautiful triangular wave.

But I do not understand why of 50us/div with 200ms/div, the wave remains a straight line and does not reach the 2v/div. And when I change 1us/div with 2us/div several times, the triangular wave is different. I.e. that times at 1us/div the wave reached 2vpp and of another time it are smaller or simply a straight line. Is this bug of version 3.64? Made tests it you even with different values t/div and you will see.

Thank you!

No, this is not possible. The waveform generator can only output a square wave. Additional hardware (not available on the Nano) would be required to support other waveforms.

This will short-circuit the waveform output to ground and is likely to permanently damage your Nano. The signal generator output should never be allowed to touch the black input probe.

If I connect only the white probe(output) of the generator to the white positive probe input, is this dangerous? Because with 1us/div and 500khz I obtain a triangular wave. Here a triangular wave with Nano Dso found on Internet here

And somebody should warn this guy on this video at 6 minutes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYMFtHTiqoQ

Large a thank you for your work on new version 3.64. Thank you for us to make some profit free. I prefer really this version to the 2.22 which was in my Nano when I received it. Work of this moment on a new version?

Thank you for your assistance and for your information.

No, it is perfectly safe to connect signal generator output to positive probe input as long as you do not also connect the negative probe. You can also connect the Nano to an external signal generator (using probe plus and minus) to display/capture any shape waveform. Likewise, you can connect the Nano signal generator output to an external scope positive input (also connect Nano and external scope grounds) to check the Nano square wave output.

For signals above 100 kHz, the displayed waveform will gradually deviate from the input waveform because of the limited Nano sampling rate. When you measure a 500 kHz square wave, there will only be two samples per cycle (one high and one low). When we display this input waveform (connect the dots if you like) it will appear as a triangle even though the input may be perfectly square.

Perfect, thank you very much for this information.