Water Flow Sensor question.

Is there any documentation on converting the ppm signal on the yellow wire to liters per minute flow rate? Most other flow meters have this info in the data sheet but I can not seem to find any on this sensor.

I just answered my own question. I must have overlooked the formula in the data sheet. Its ppm/7.5= flow in liters per minute

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Can you show us your program?

Yes I am in the middle of a full writeup on the water flow sensor. It should be posted in a day or so. Still refining the code. Something is wrong somewhere. I am using a CPX Pro (jingway 1200) pump from Dangerden.com and its rated at a max of 880 lph and I am getting about 1300lph from the flow sensor. I think it may have a bipolar hall effect sensor inside instead of a unipolar hall effect sensor.