Water Atomizer direct pins not working

I wanted to experiment with the
Grove Water Atomizer
however since I wanted to keep things compact, I tried to connect the device directly to the breadboard instead of using a “base shield” or such things.
So I understand the VCC pin needs to connect with the 5V out from my ESP32. The ground is obviously the ground.
However I have two additional connections at the atomizer driver board.
One is labeled NC and the other EN. In the sample code however only one pin is set to HIGH.
I understood from other tutorials that the EN connection ENables the atomizer. But when I set this pin to HIGH nothing seems to happen. Have I missed something? Do I have to do anything with the NC pin instead? There is no sound or LED that is lighting or anything.

wiki uses Seeeduino, but you use ESP5, the two aspects are different, you can try to test on Seeeduino to see whether it is related to the board or the sensor itself (if there is a problem with the sensor itself, you can contact the customer service for repair)

Hey there, thanks for the reply. I sadly don’t have one but I checked the pins.
So 5V and Ground are working. The pin I set to HIGH is at 3.3V. What difference might a Seeeduino make over my ESP32 instead? Anything else I could try perhaps?

Thanks for your help!

Okay, some new information regarding my progress.

I realize it’s not like it did not work, it was just working very little.
Compared to what I saw on the store page (or videos in the internet) it seems barely producing vapor.
I even “drowned” it directly in water (protecting the contacts) and saw some more vapor but still very little.

Here are some videos I uploaded to the dropbox showing the issue:

in pure water:

or with some wet cotton:

I understand the on-off behavior is normal, right? But is it normal I get so little vapor only? The documentation sadly does not state anything regarding how to place it propperly (e.g. what distance to the water/cotton).
Does it make a difference which side of the plate I put towards the water?

I hope anyone can help me with my issue.