WARNING: DSO NANO v2 3.5mm probe can kill

Hi All,

I am reporting my experience with DSO Nano v2 3.5mm probe usage. These probes are very dangerous and can kill the device you are probing, Nano itself or even yourself.

The problem is with 3.5mm Mono plug design. The 3.5mm plug causes a direct short when you plug in or unplug from DSO Nano. This is caused by the ground clip inside the 3.5mm jack inside the Nano. If the leads of the probe are connected to something when you plug in or unplug the probe from Nano, you just shorted out that “something.” I personally killed my motherboard Fan driver circuit doing just that.

So, This is a must. Always Plug the 3.5mm probe in the Nano before attaching the test leads to something. Likewise, first disconnect test leads before unplugging probe from the Nano.

This avoids the short. Take care.