Warehouse in Europe

I have experienced the exact same issue as Kenneth_Lavrsen with Custom declarations for my last order. Processing fees for VAT handling were higher than the value of the good.

Sorry to repeat myself:

  • Since SeeedStudio has many customers in Europe, why not having a warehouse in Europe and invoice with VAT included?

One single warehouse will suffice for the whole EU. Alternatively, SeeedStudio could sub-contract the logistics to a Tier-1 player or even to Amazon.

Until then, I prefer not to place any new order at SeeedStudio, as the final cost is impossible to forecast and always higher than expected.

This is a great suggestion, inside news: we will solve this problem this week (with a new warehouse in Europe)

Seeed new EU warehouse now open in Germany! More details can be found in this blog. And see what products are currently available in our EU warehouse! Do you have any other products in mind that you want us to make available in our EU Warehouse? Comment to let us know!

I have just placed an order to try the new European warehouse!