Want to find a capacitor of Low ESR in small footprints

I am working on PCB design where I need a 402 footprint capacitor with low ESR ratings. I browsed through some of the datasheets of the capacitor on SeeedOPL library to find a low ESR capacitor but most of the datasheets do not mention these things. So I am kind of confused what to consider.

The paragraph of the sensor datasheet is as follows

The two external capacitors should be ceramic type construction with low ESR characteristics. The exact ESR values are
not critical but values less than 200 milli-ohms are recommended. Reservoir capacitor C1 is nominally 4.7 μF in
capacitance, with the set/reset capacitor C2 nominally 0.22 μF in capacitance. Low ESR characteristics may not be in
many small SMT ceramic capacitors (0402), so be prepared to up-size the capacitors to gain Low ESR characteristics.

Anyone has some suggestion?