Wakeup from CPU sleep breaks digital pin output !!!

I have a Stalker v21 and I’m trying to put the CPU and Xbee (Zigbee Endnode API) both to sleep between data transmit.

I wired up a PD12 to the Xbee pin 9 and verified that it does go to sleep when I control it (Xbee pin 13 and transmission test). However, I cannot use it in conjunction with the avs sleep demo code that I downloaded from here (StalkerV21_Datalogger_5min)

I narrowed it down to a simple test where I discovered that after the cpu wakes up every available digital pin cannot be controlled. I even went so far as integrate blink into the code to test this. I threw a couple of lines into the bottom of the loop to turn an LED on and off and it doesn’t blink.

Has anyone seen this? Does there a fundamental design flaw with the Stalker V21?

One other thing…there are a few comments in the DataLogger example code that elicit a bug with the Arduino 1.01 compiler I discovered:

//\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/Sleep Mode and Power Saver routines\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

For some reason, this causes the next line of code to be ignored or at least not compiled correctly. You should use simpler comment patterns to avoid this.