Wake up and Sleep and UPS functionality

Hello, We are thinking about using your Odossey-X86 board for a advanced Cloud based measurement solution from sensors in electrical cars fleets. The concern we have is how we can find a solution for using the devices in vehicles, in regards to Wake up and Sleep sequence and UPS functionality. Use case. Customer enter he´s EV, the Odossey, should then boot up, usually with a Ignition pulse, from the Ignition, so called +15, means supply to +30 (12V)and ground (-) and +15 (12V) as wake up. The system boots up, when the customer leave the vehicle, the system will stay stay awake for some time to collect some data before it goes to sleep. it means we also need a UPS for not draining the vehicle battery when +15 goes away. What options do we have in the BIOS or in the platform to control the wake up and sleep?

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You might want to think about using this which was designed from the CarPC market a few years ago. They work very well and have both ignition trigger as well as shutdown timer. https://www.mini-box.com/DCDC-USB?sc=8&category=981


Thank you, I have ordered a device and will try out.

We have tested the DCDC-USB device connected to the board. This is where we are at the moment.

Installed into vehicle, with fixed power supply +30 ( 12V) and ground (-) and +15 ( Ignition line), we programmed the device to send out +12V when Ignition comes Automotive Mode ( Then the board wakes up nice) with the Bios setting in Odossey to “last state”. What we are struggling with is the power down. The DC/DC unit has a motherboard pulse control, but I cannot find any way to connect it to the Odossey, and I think with the Bio setting “last state” this will not work. So how can we get the Odossey to go to sleep when Ignition is gone, we are thinking about to monitor some of the inputs we will use (CAN bus) and based on that put the board into sleep. Possible better solutions exists with the Rasberry support. Would like to get some feedback from anyone trying to run the board in a car and control the power management without drop the main power.

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Hi @Developer100 I was interested in reading your thread.
I was wondering what were your findings?