W600 WiFi Problem

I would like to use the WiFiNINA_Generic.h library with the W600 module, so instead of the AT commands I can use the WiFi commands. Everything compiles fine but the W600 does not receive WiFi and I think it is the pinout problem for the W600, because there was a warning during compile. Does anyone know the connections for the Wifi module?

#elif defined(SEEEDUINO_ZERO)

  #warning You have to modify pin usage according to actual connection for SAMD SEEEDUINO_ZERO
  // To define pin out for WiFiNINA here

  //#define PINS_COUNT           (60u)
  #define NINA_GPIO0  ( 0u)                             //0
  #define NINA_RESETN ( 1u)
  #define NINA_ACK    ( 2u)

  #define SPIWIFI_SS        3   //PIN_SPI1_SS            //3
  #define SPIWIFI_ACK       2   //NINA_ACK               //2
  #define SPIWIFI_RESET     1   //NINA_RESETN            //1

Hi @Maxwell_Huang
Do you use USB-to-Serial Tools to connect the RX/TX pins to your computer to check if this W600 module is available?

The W600 WiFi module is working fine and it is available but is it possible for me to use the WiFi_NINA library instead of the builtin W600.h

The module is using the UART protocol. But the library you are using seems to be SPI WiFi. theoretically the two shouldn’t apply

If the module is using the UART protocol is there a seperate library or do i have to use the builtin AT commands to use the module’s wifi function?