W600 Grove Module Web Server example

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I got myself a grove kits that includes the W600 and the Arduino Nano grove shield. I have managed to connect the W600 module to the wireless network but it seems that there is no way to make the Arduino Nano to talk to it. There seems to be no library to create a web server or anything. So it is just a wasted $20? Am I missing a trick here? I am worried that if I decide to buy any other products from the grove lineup it will also not work due to the lack of libraries and example code.

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Can you tell me the link or SKU of the product? So that I can find it for you.

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The link I have used to buy the product:

According to the site: SKU 3206

Hopefully this helps!

Thank you against in advance

Okay, I got it. So far, what I can find is the introduction and information about W600 Module here:

If you want to refer to the code example, maybe you can refer to the introduction here:

but I found that the composition of the two is not the same. Maybe you need to adjust and modify the code in combination with understanding, hoping to help you.
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Hi again,

Thank you for your time and effort. I have seen these and putting them together is probably going to be a major pain. Since I do not want to use the W600 as the main controller it is going to be really hard to use it as the wifi module for my Arduino Nano (which I got a grove shield for so that everything looks nice and neat). I am just disappointed that Seeedstudio as a company did not manage to write a library with some basic examples for their customers. Now I think I will need to abandon the grove system (it is super clean and neat) for my IoT projects since the software is not there and I am not sure if it will ever get there. So it does seem that I will have to use the ESP8266 since it is very popular + has the libraries + example code which helps me figure out how it works and how to bend it to do what I need.
Thank you again for your kind help.

I seem to understand a little bit what you mean now, do you want to use Nano to communicate with w600 or something else? I hope to learn more about what you want to do? If it is related to Nano, I hope you can also provide me with a link to Nano, thank you.

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So I got also one of these for the Arduino nano:

All I want is to make the Nano the brains of the operations and the W600 connected via the grove connection to allow the Nano to access the wireless network and run the web server. Simple idea I think :slight_smile:

Oh, this is a secondary development problem, beyond the scope of my ability, maybe you can try to write the code after understanding its principle, or maybe you can discuss it with other like-minded people and look forward to your good news.

Thank you for your help.

At the moment I am going to focus on the ESP8266 projects since it is much better documented. However I would love to use the grove system as it would streamline all of my projects and make them super clean and super easy to service when one part fails. I will have a look at the W600 board as the main controller as maybe that somehow would work better like the Seeeduino Stalker v3.