W5500 Ethernet Shield and pins D10-D13

Hi Team,

2 questions w/ this product:

  • are pins D10-D13 actually connected to the relevant SPI signals or are these signals only available through the separate SPI connector?
  • are you using long or short connecting pins (short connecting pins can interfere with the power and USB A connectors on some UNO models).


If you place the shield over the Arduino UNO, pin 10-13 of the shield will be shorted with those of the UNO. Thus, SPI communication will be possible.

As far as it can be seen in the pictures of the product details here W5500 Ethernet Shield v1.0 - Seeed Wiki
The pins are long just like any other usual Arduino Shield. You’ll find the same height of pins in the official Arduino Ethernet shield or Wifi shield.