Voice Recognition "Grove - Speech Recognizer"


I am looking at the Grove Speech Recogniser,

My first question is the Activate Work “Hicell” is it possible to change that word to a word of my own choosing

Secondly how reliable does the device operate when in a vehicle and there is music or radio playing in the vehicle will it still recognise the Activate Word being spoken or wil lthe radio / music playing prevent this form working reliably

You can change keywords, but not while playing music.In a quiet enough environment, this speech recognition is suitable for toys and other situations where recognition rate is not high.

  1. I want to use the Grove Speech Recognizer with Arduino NANO 33 IoT processor. Is this possible?
  2. I want to use a button to start recognition. Is this possible?
  3. When I use the example code to use the GSR with my Arduino IDE, I get a “<softserial.h> not found” - how do I fix this?
    Thanks for your reply!

Stefaan Meeuws (https://stefaanmeeuws.com or stefaan.meeuws@gmail.com or here in the forum)