Voice Needed Vol 2! Shall We Make This Browser-based no-code AI tool to make AI deployment easier and faster at our Jetson Edge Computing devices?

Our product team is working on a Browser-based no-code AI tool to make AI deployment more accessible at our Edge Computing devices powered by Nvidia Jetson. By now, we want to include the following features:
-Browser-based flow editing
-pre-build AI models
-no-code AI deployment to enable you to build computer vision solutions faster
-real-time computer vision video preview
-remote operation with the IP on PCs, Pads and other devices

:robot:To make it more vivid for you to explore the software tool, here we made a demo video. In the demo video, you can drag and drop the 4 blocks in the tools to deploy an AI Algorithm on our new product reComputer Jetson-10-1-A0 to recognize 80 different items through COCO (Common Objects in Context) dataset in just 4 steps. Currently, we have made 3 blocks available, including a video feed block, a detection block with a pre-build AI model, and a video view block.

Demo video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/471-XDjaYd4

Any other block that you would love to have to add new capabilities? Which applications (Dashboard, data collection automation? Where will you apply the tool? If you’d love to see this tool available soon, comment to motivate us! Or you are welcome to join our Discord channel for in-depth discussions if you prefer: https://discord.gg/FBuKxvywVn