Voice Need! How about Product Customization (NO MOQ) with Seeed Fusion?

Hey community,

Have you ever wanted to customize your own I/Os based on Seeed’s existing products? Do you want Seeed to help you with firmware updates? If your answers are all yes, we need your voice!!

Currently we’re planning to add 3 Customization Services to Seeed Fusion for Seeed products such as reTerminal, X86, Jetson, CM4, etc! Pls vote for the service that you want the most!

  • 1⃣️ Software Installation Services (including firmware burning, software installation, operating system installation)
  • 2⃣️ Module Customization (Layout / Function / I/O)
  • 3⃣️ Logo Customization ( White Lable / Enclosure Logo)
  • 4⃣️ Others

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:face_with_monocle:In addition to the three customized services outlined above, if you have any other customized service suggestions we haven’t mentioned, you are also welcome to leave a comment below and give us feedback! By the way, we have NO MOQ (minimum order quantity) limit for the ODM customization service, so what price do you think is reasonable?

All valuable feedback collected this time will be included in the upgrade of customized services. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!