VNC mouse is 90° oriented

I have installed the OS on reTerminal DM and followed all the steps for installation and driver updates. The LCD works well, and the touch is calibrated very well. If I connect an external mouse via a USB port, that works okay. The only problem is that when I remotely access the Pi via VNC, the mouse orientation becomes 90° oriented, making it difficult to go anywhere. Please help.
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it’s a VNC issue, Here the guy fixed it with an Apt get update

Update: I installed x11vnc 
(sudo apt-get install x11vnc), start x11vnc directly (x11vnc -passwd <password_to_access_this_vnc> -display:0) 
and it just works!

GL :slight_smile: PJ

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may this work, but make sure that all the driver are up to date. When you try to access the re terminal via VNC, try to adjust the setting in VNC server that match screen.