visualization of saved images

How can I visualizate on DSO nano screen a saved image on sd card to comparate two waveforms? I’m using APP 2.4 and LIB 2.2 in my dso 201

I don’t know how to do it with APP 2.4.

With Benf firmware APP 3.64, you:

  1. go to “FI” menu
  2. Save Pri, waveforms you want to compare.
    3 Load Pri and Ref the waveforms from step 2.

Its a primitive way to compare but better then nothing.

You cannot View/Compare BMP images on the Nano. Only on PC.


I have two questions I’ve forgot to ask:

-Some cell phones have a charger with a usb output to charge their battery. Is possible use it to charge the batery of the DSO nano?
-Is there any risk of damage if I use the DSO nano to measure signals when charging their battery?

Yes, If its a standard 5volt mini USB cellphone charger.

You can use the Nano while charging but you need to isolate Nano from the device you working on. They should not share the same ground which could be deadly for you and your Nano.

Ok, MOTOPASSCODE! Thank you for the help. All good for you. Warmest regards.