Vin pin does not seem to work

Hello Everyone (again),

My understanding is the the Vin pin can be used to supply unregulated DC to the board in order to power it. I believe that if you use either the serial interface or the dedicated 2-pin battery connector, then you should also see an appropriate voltage ‘output’ to the Vin pin.

This does not seem to be the case on my Stalker. I have tried a voltmeter to the Vin, and get nothing out when powered via serial or battery. Neither does applying 9v to the pin (and GND) power up the board.

I don’t know whether this is a ‘feature’ of the Stalker, a bug, or my poor understanding.

Can anyone enlighten me or suggest a fix?

Many thanks for your time.

After reading you question, I use a Stalker to detect, I find that Vin pin is not connceted to anything, It is not used in the Stalker. So it is the reasion that Vin pin does not to work.

Thank you!

Thanks for that information.

It’s not quite the answer I was hoping for, but knowing that, I can work around it.

I’ve yet to find any official documentation on the Stalker as far as how it differs from an official Arduino and how it’s SD card and RTC work and which pins they use. I’ve seen a few posts on this, and some useful user feedback, but nothing from the manufacturer. I’ve looked, but can’t find!

I managed to get the RTC and SD working based on info in this forum which is great, but it probably shouldn’t be the starting point.

Anyway, I’m still very happy with the product!

You know, it would be good customer service if ESP stepped in and commented on this problem. Is this something that will be corrected in the next revision? I actually had to splice a wire onto the 9vdc leads, and that, my friends, is called a “kludge”.

Hello everyone,
We are sorry for the current version Stalker is not easy to use.
Yes, Stalker V2 is under developing.
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