video conversion modules

I need to be able to convert a video signal. It happens more often than I’d expect. Trouble is, the conversions aren’t always the same.
It’s such a tangle of standards, no wonder it’s hard to actually locate something for a specific task.
If I had a module, that I could plug into another module, and another …

0 input connector to module connector (I might have RCA, or BNC, or VGA, or multiple connectors).

1 RF modulated input -> video signal out + audio signal out.

2v Video resize. Frames per second to destination fps. Deinterlace if necessary. Lines-> lines, pixels to pixels. [might be better to resize/respeed after splitting]
2a audio (?mono to stereo, stereo to mono)

3v Video signal (probably composite) to separate component signals.
3a audio format conversion (raw, wav, mp3, ogg?) _[might take place later in conversion chain. Audio pass-through step will be needed at multiple stages since video involves many more steps]

4v Video signal recode (?amplify chroma, ?reorder fields, ?interlace, ?recombine)
4a Recombine audio into signal or pass through.

  1. assign signal[s] to connector[s].

If I do a video capture to my PC, I can accomplish all of the above, in various ways. But if I don’t want to utilize my PC, what then?

-Do you see a commercially viable, hobbyist friendly, opportunity here?

Some modules would cost more than others. A proper rescan (resize frame by frame followed by interpolating frames to correct frame rate) would cost more than the rest combined. It would also produce professional video quality, depending on the source (better than consumer grade at least). It would also require a lot of memory and possibly temporary storage. Real time is desirable, but frame rate adjustment makes that hard to pull off.

If I want to analyse images (for motion detection for instance) I don’t expect to need to adjust frame rate. If I want to put a surveillance camera on my computer screen, I need to at least be within certain limits. If I want to convert videos, real time doesn’t matter as much.

My problem is, I want to do all 3.
(and yes, I am researching under the assumption that I’ll have to do it myself sooner or later).

Hi drcrosby,

I think the DSP(processor) is the best way to implement your needs, since you can accomplish that on your PC. Actually, it will be a very complicated system, and it’s much more professional than the ordinary arduino user.

Have a nice day,


That would be a superb gadget… please let us know if there is anything we can help with! :slight_smile: