Via tenting and extra silkscreen

My boards came back with seemingly random via tenting. All the vias on top weren’t tented, and half on the bottom were. Is there a way to let them know to tent ALL vias?

Also, they seem to add extra silkscreen text to identify the PCB. Is there a way to tell them to do this on the bottom silkscreen instead of the top?

Sorry, but what do you mean about the via tenting? Could you please show me the picture?

The extra silkscreen is added to the board randomly on the top or the bottom. We have talked with the factory, but got unsatisfied reply.

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I’ve started to do my PCB’s with “the pretty side” on the bottom since it seems like the id markers most often gets added on the top.

The tenting should be is controlled by your stopmask -layer. But it I’ve noticed that the soldermask often having problems wetting the via holes properly. Some vias are covered good and some only with a very thin layer of mask.


Via tenting is where the vias are covered in soldermask. This can be useful in preventing shorts when soldering, but means you can’t use vias as test points when debugging.

As for the OP’s problem, I would bet the issue is with his files. When you open the Gerbers in a viewer (eg GCPreview), are all the vias actually tented?