Via pads

I have a circuit that is going to have Nixie tubes mounted on it (original circuit by

But when I load your design check file “Fusion_eagle_rule_v1.1” in Eagle, the pads around the vias expand and causes errors (overlapping). I’m new to PCB making, so I’m not sure of the terminology, or what design rule that’s causing this? Anyway, is there no way for me to solve this? Is this a very strict rule? Is it impossible to get around it or can I change the pcb in some way to get around it?

See pictures below: (79.4 KB)

hi there,
we have help you change the error, attached the fusion eagle rule(which we used) and your design.
there are some problem in youe design:
1.silkscreen:we usually use vector of the font.
2.layout:please don’t let the wire go 90 degree, it maybe affect the performance of the circuit
3.pads overlap:the package contain pads, so you needn’t put another pads on it
Fusion eagle.rar (2.28 KB)
Nixie.rar (86.2 KB)