Version confusion

Had my Nano for a week and have been studying the posts on this board.

I have question about versions:

When turned on, startup screen reads
[size=150]Nano v. 1.1 (at top)
firmware version 2.02 (at bottom)[/size]

Circuit board edge near battery reads

What versions do I have? I am confused trying to decide what comments apply to my device.

I purchased my Nano from NKC Electronics in the US two weeks ago.

Thank you very much for any help

Nano v. 1.1 (at top) : The DSO Nano version (model)

firmware version 2.02 (at bottom) : the firmware version

DSO201V1.3A : the hardware version

Thanks. Now I think I know where I am.

So far, I think I have

  1. file reading/saving with SD disk working
  2. DSO recognized by 3 Dfuse software programs

Next steps are to try upgrading firmware.

Also, not sure about best procedure for charging battery - in device or remove and use separate Li Bat charger?

The safest way is the charge circuit of cause, but it also has some issues .the circuit now is also acceptable and really work in most simplicity MP3,MP4 machine.

sorry, but i don’t understand…whic difference between

The DSO Nano version (model)


firmware version 2.02 (at bottom) : the firmware version

in my unit (an e-design unit, but don’t worry, i know you after i’ve buied the unit! :frowning: )

at startup i’ve only

version 1.5.20P ( i think paul version 1.5.20), is then all ok?
for knowing the hardware version i must open the back panel?

You could try different firmware on any version whenever needed.

Check it out here: