Verry disapointed with seeduino lora gps

hi we are trying to connect a seeduino lora gps with a Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor Pro WE FOLLOWED STEP BY STEP THE TUTORIAL

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ensor_Pro/”></LINK_TEXT>

the shield and code works on my arduino uno but on seeduino i get 0.00% fro temp and humidity , Could someone help please we bought 500 dollars of hardware for our project from your website and we are stuck on this problem

if anyone is interested to help i even have a pc connected with TEAMVIEWER with all hardware plunged in for testing

this is the tutorial we followed

Hi there

Please use the two libraries below :,

Thanks for the fast reply i found another solution also with this <LINK_TEXT text=“ … /DHTstable”></LINK_TEXT>

Really appreciate you help will keep you updated

Hi there

This is my job. You needn’t be polite. I wish you every success.