Vermacompost bin sensors

I don’t have any product yet. I’m looking for a setup for my vermicompost bins.

I want 4 soil moisture sensors, one for each bin. Something like the SenseCAP S2104 or better if you have any suggestions.

Also need those sensors hooked up to my Irrigation system. So when moisture level go below Certain levels the irrigation system kicks in.

Then I would like to also Measure air temperature and humidity.

Can all this sensor data be recorded and stored locally?

Do you have any suggestions? Or more questions?

Hello and Welcome,
I would take a look at his link, SenseCAP & Node-RED to Microsoft Azure IoT Centra | Seeed Studio Wiki
there is a chart for multiple sensors and even for local data collection and storage.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

my cousin made one with an old hot tub… no electronics… just horse manure
do you have any pictures diagrams?