VEML6075 sensor using CircuitPython on a SEEED XIAO BLE NRF52840 and SENSE

Has anyone connected VEML6075 (UV Sensor) to the “SEEED XIAO BLE NRF52840”
Using CircuitPython?
I am using CircuitPython Library: adafruit-circuitpython-bundle-7.x-mpy-20220713
And firmware: adafruit-circuitpython-Seeed_XIAO_nRF52840_Sense-en_US-7.3.1.uf2
MU editor provides an error: “no such device”
However, if use the same firmware and library , it works fine when using the “SEEED XIAO BLE Sense - NRF52840”
I do not see a separate firmware for the “SEEED XIAO BLE NRF52840” - just the BLE Sense.
Specifically, I am using the following VEML6075:
SparkFun UV Light Sensor Breakout - VEML6075 (Qwiic)
Why would the VEML6075 work on the BLE Sense and not the BLE (plain)?
The following sensors work the same on both the BLE (plain) and BLE Sense:
import adafruit_displayio_ssd1306 #Added: 06/14/2022
import adafruit_bme680
import sparkfun_qwiictwist
import sparkfun_qwiicrelay
import adafruit_ads1x15.ads1115 as ADS