V4.4 EasyDriver stepper motor driver (assembled)

Hi there,

In my previous e-mail i said that,

When i bought my DSO Quad Beta i browsed around and noticed that
was outdated, and the latest version is V4.4, as seen on
so i was wondering if you all could consider producing the V4.4 assembled boards
i would personally definitely buy 3, maybe more if its cheap, and my friends are interested too
also, sparkfun sells them at
and i know that they buy quite a bit of stuff from you guys, so you could supply them the V4.4 boards too
As such kindly pls consider making the V4.4 EasyDriver stepper motor driver (assembled) for sale, as soon as possible, thanks

Pls do reply regardless of the response

Note: i am posting this because they have not replied me thus far, hopefully someone here can answer me, thanks

Let’s see into this, thanks!