V3 XML file to share


I’ve made a small program that lets you plot XML files from the DSO nano on the computer. Would anybody who has the DSO Nano V3 be willing to share an XML file from it? I would like to make the program compatible with V3 :slight_smile:

I have a Nano V1 with the latest Firmware V3.26A upgraded to BenF
I am very interested in your utility.
How can I get a copy?


Off course, you can find a unfinished version at russemotto.com/dsoplotter/

Or build from source github.com/geir54/DSOplotter

thanks geir321


I recently found another nice XML-Viewer, which connects to the DSO201 via USB and accesses the files on the SD card.

Being a new user I can’t post links. Google for “wiesolator dso201 xml”. The site is in German, but Google Translator does a decent job.