V-groove in Penalizing boards

i just wanted to ask that is this possible to have V-grooving in penalized boards on a 10x10 cm board?

i know the rules that i can have only silk screen but with any additional cost.

if any extra cost is added please let me know.

I am also interested in knowing this.

Hi There,
Sorry for the later reply.You can choose panelizing borads to save the cost, but you must follow our panelizing rules.
Usually , the V-groove is used for large quantities of PCBs, it can improve efficiency of SMT.
If you used it for prototype is not economic, the cost is more expensive than separate PCB.
So why you choose V-groove for prototype?
any more confusion please feel free to contact with us.


is this possible to have some other solution?

like you allow me to have line of drill , or mill slot , off-course i will pay additionally for this.