V-CUT Width

What is the distance I should be separating my design on a panelized board with v-cuts? I would like to keep the edges within the same minimum as for the board edge specification, which has a minimum of 0.4mm. That would be 0.8mm spacing total and now I would like to compensate for the cut width. I am also looking at 0.6mm thickness for the PCB if that makes any difference to the width if it’s dependent on the depth of the cut…

Hi Friend,
Do you have pictures to show me the issue you mentioned.
Waiting for your reply soon.

I’ve already submitted my panel and used a 0.254mm spacing to compensate based on my assumption of a 30 degree bit and a 0.2 or 1/3 depth cut on a 0.6mm thickness. I used information I gleaned from vscore.biz/vsguide.html.

Since I submitted my panel I actually got an e-mail from a Seeed engineer which informed me of a 2x2cm minimum between v-cuts, ie. individual boards within a panel. There was no mention of this in the Fusion PCB guidelines, only that your total panel must be greater than or equal to 8x8cm to be permitted the use of v-cuts. I paid a reasonable processing/tooling fee to keep my design and saved myself the trouble to acquire my own bits to mill the v-cut myself.

Maybe Seeed should add the above information to the guidelines to prevent any surprises for someone else.