V. 1.5.20p Questions

Just Joined. I’ve had the DSO 201 for about a month. Finally got a micro SD (after discovering that the 4GB I tried was locking it up, so put in a 2GB after reading that anything bigger won’t work), and the PC at least acknowledges it’s existence.
All I want to do is save a profile (x/y offset position, Cursors 1 & 2 position, etc.) which it says it is doing but on reboot (0ff-on) I’m where I started with no change. Should I stick my finger in it somewhere…?
Again, new to this machine (after using a Textronix 922 forEVER) and mightily impressed with the little bugger.
Any help would be appreciated. A Link to a V.1.5.20p manual would be great.

OK. I wandered through (as I should have at first) the DSO NANO area and found what I needed (on page 8) for my problem, i.e., the proper setting up of the SD card and the necessary files for saving parameters (many thanks to Syberian for the very useful directions and file naming).