Using x10 probe with V2.53

Hi, I may be missing something but how do you select x10 probe using v2.53 ? I have hunted everywhere in the menus but can’t find it. It is on my nano (v3.64) so I felt it may well be on the quad. Any help appreciated or is it me being stupid ? :blush:

No such setting as I know about. Multiply by 10 manually :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes seems to be the case. Spent an hour or so last night trying some different apps and am now using the community app which resolves the x10 probe issue (I know you can fiddle it manually in 2.53 but then the readings are out) plus has FFT that works ok (I never could get the FFT to work in 2.53, me being stupid again?) so I think I will persevere with this solution for now. Thanks for the reply.