Using UartSB to charge Film battery

Hi all,

I’m trying to charge the battery that came with my Seeeduino Film using the technique found here: … duino_Film. When I plug the USB cable into my PC the charge indicator LED on the power board flashes once but does not stay on, and it does not appear that the battery is charging. There is power going to the rest of the Film though, since the LED on D8 is on (as per the code that I programmed on the board). Do I just have a bad battery, or is there something I can do to fix this?



Hi Ben,
Pls check with following instructions:

  1. Check the charge wire, the red on is positive.
  2. Check the charge enable pad was soldered. ( The pad named JP1 in the button of the mainboard.)
  3. Make sure the right pin of connector (CHG) is 5V.
  4. Unplug your battery, check the voltage of BAT conector (named BAT+), 4.1~4.2V is correct.
  5. Check the battery plug is correct. Pls visit the Wiki page.

If all above is correct, the battery still not charging, try another USB port. If all above cann’t not took effect, the battery is bad.