Using the XIAO for the first time

It seems to me that the XIAO controller needs to have it’s firmware updated, to recognized that it is plugged into a USB port. I am new to using the XIAO , but have read many stories on your forum about failure to be able to download a complied program. I bought 3 of the XIAO controllers from Amazon recently. I had followed the suggested method of using the Arduino board manager to load Seedio boards. To me getting a driver that windows would accept was a biggie. I had to do the XIAO reset twice to see the comm port and to download. Why not change the firmware of the XIAO to be in boot loader mode when plugged into a USB port? I know that is possible to do, to make more people happy using your products.

I’m very sorry for the trouble. Your suggestion has been fed back to the programmer. If they have a definite reply, I will let you know immediately.

That’s a bad idea.
It would mean you cannot automatically start the program on the XIAO when USB is plugged in. If you want the program to send any information via UBS to the PC USB has to be plugged.

It maybe a bad idea to you but, using jumpers to get the XIAO in to boot loader mode is problem-matic. for people that don’t have the proper skills or equipment. Making things easy to use such as Arduino, breeds an enjoyable excitement. creativity.
I know you look at this from a different view that is acceptable to me, but maybe not to others.
let’s see what the firmware programmers say about the idea.