Using the Music Shield with another microcontroller

Hello, I’d like to try and make use of the Music Shield for another micro controller, specifically the ET-STM32 Stamp. Is this possible?

Sorry, I’m a pretty new to the whole electronics thing. I have it already working with my Arduino though (which I purchased here :smiley:).
I’m trying to make it work with the ET-STM32 Stamp to try and go beyond the whole plug-it-in concept, a.k.a trying to learn.

I’ve done a lot of probing into the Music Shield with a multimeter and studying the schematics so I think I know where the connections go,
although I’m not altogether too sure about it. I have looked through the code but I’m not too sure how much of it I can port or keep as is.

In brief: Is it possible to make the Music Shield work with another micro controller? If so, how would I go about doing it, hardware and software wise?

I just want a helping hand, an idea of what to do, or where to start because I haven’t a clue about it. Also, if someone could point me to a golden resource
explaining in detail all the MISO, MOSI, XDCS, and etc. acronyms I would be very grateful. In the meantime, Google will be my mentor.

EDIT: I’d also like to mention that the music shield software does not compile with Arduino-1.0 if anyone was unaware

Dear customer,

Sorry to tell you that ET-STM32 Stamp is not our product and so we not sure the feature about that.May be you can ask from there forum but Arduino is compatible for music shield.

By the way, if you want to use anther thing to control it, you should know and view about chip vs1053 search it at google for datasheet.

But now for our product just only use Arduino to connect it.

If the Music Shield is connected to an Arduino, can you control it sending signals to one of the open pins from a second Arduino?

I have an Arduino Robot I would like to add sounds to. My Music Shield is connected to a second Arduino. Can I send control signals from the Robot Arduino to the Music Shield Arduino?

What signals would I send to select and play tracks on the sdcard?

The shield uses almost all of the pins, but there are D0, D1, A4, & A5 open. Can I use these pins to input commands from a second arduino?

Is there a way to programmatically select specific MP3 files?

For example, when my Robot bumps into a wall, its bump sensors alert the arduino which controls the motors. Can that arduino then send a signal to the Music Shield Arduino to play a particular sound effect MP3?

thanks for your help,


A1&A2:You may use two the Grove - Serial Bluetooth connected with the two

arduino,and they will use the D0/D1 pin
So you can try to enable the communication between the two arduino boards.

A4:Yes,you can use the open pins.D0/D1 is RX/TX(serial port).